Wake Your Dreams .

Adriana. Twenty-two years young. Longing for the city life. Irrevocably in love with a boy I could have only imagined to have existed in my dreams. Big hopes, bigger aspirations and not a clue of which direction I'd like my life to take first. Possibly have a little too much faith in the world, but maybe I'm just naive. I make mistakes. I try too hard. I worry too much. I over analyze, and spend too much time criticizing myself, and I know it. Not anywhere near perfect, but learning to become perfectly okay with that. And, I'll still continue to try to become something bigger than myself. Surrounding myself with peace and love, and hoping that one day, someday, the rest of the world will follow.



If you click the link & select vote, I would be the most happy person EVAR.

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It’s amazing how fucking stupid you are.

It amazes me how you can just lie to my face.

You should know by now, I always know the real story.


By definition, “the quality of being loyal to someone or something”, or “giving and showing firm and constant support”. 

Just in case you needed a reminder.

I can’t tell if everyone is rushing to grow up or if I’m not moving fast enough.


"But Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful"

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I just want Augustus Waters to love me the way he loved Hazel Grace Lancaster.

Basically a complete mess.






she ate a sock string and it’s stuck in her intestines and she’s gonna die if I don’t get her surgery. I’m about 600 dollars short, I have a donate button if anyone can help. i can show vet bills to anyone who wants to see. she’s such a good baby please help or reblog if you can im really scared I’m gonna lose her

edit: this is the bill from yesterday when we got her the xrays (the radiographs per snap) and a few other things to hold her over until we can build up some money. im taking her in today at 2:40 and ill ask for a copy of the surgery bill if i can get one (they didnt give me one yesterday because i couldnt even pay for everything on the last bill) 

im also adding a picture we took of her on the vets table yesterday 

reblogging with added proof

*******UPDATE****** the vet we were taking her can not care for her anymore (because they close) and she needs to go into surgery immediately, we have her boarded at an emergency vet and the surgery is gonna be roughly 1500. we’ve raised 520 so far and they can start helping her because I have proof that I have money coming but we can’t take her home until we pay. I’m going to be at the emergency vet in about 4 hours and I will post proof of bills, everything’s going really fast because she’s getting worse and worse so please help if you can

we just got rejected for credit care which we were hoping to get, these donations are now the /only/ thing we have to pay her vet bill. please help

Oh nooo D:

Please let’s help this doggy. :( Everyone please signal boost.

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